A point of reference of the Swiss living
abroad. It symbolizes the bond of the
Swiss Abroad with their home country


The Swiss Path was developed in 1991 as a present to all Swiss citizens on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the Swiss confederation. It is a hiking path with easy stretches taking one to three hours each, starting at the Rütli on the southern shore of Lake Lucerne, leading around Lake Uri and finishing at the “Area for the Swiss Abroad” in Brunnen (it can also be easily completed the other way around). Therefore the “Area for the Swiss Abroad” is either the initial point or the endpoint of this path. Each stretch is dedicated to a Swiss Canton, its longitude represents 5 mm for each citizen in the particular canton (1991 census of inhabitants). The Swiss Path can be hiked by all age groups, and it’s great fun for families. Along the path there are many picnic and barbeque sites.



The Fronalpstock mountain forms a natural eastern border to the valley of Schwyz. It is a fantastic outdoor destination and the mountain as well as the village of Stoos are well liked local recreation areas for the people of Schwyz.  

The car-free village of Stoos offers many sport and recreation activities in winter as well as in summer. The visitors get to this village either by cog railway from Schwyz/Schlattli or by aerial railway from Morschach. Two chair lifts bring the skiers or snowboarders (in the winter) and the hikers (in the summer) up to the two Fronalpstock and Klingenstock peaks. The panoramic view over lakes and valleys from the peaks is stunning and various restaurants offer their specialities. Due to uncountable kilometres of hiking trails and ski slopes the Stoos-Fronalpstock is a great experience at any time.



The Rigi is called the queen of the mountains! It offers a breathtaking 360° view over the Alps, over thirteen lakes, and over the entire Swiss midlands. The cog railway starting in Vitznau is known to be the first cog railway in Europe, built in 1871. There is another cog railway starting in Goldau and a cable car from Weggis.

In summer there are about 120 kilometres of marked hiking trails and walkways, a real paradise for nature lovers. Many restaurants as well as picnic areas provide space for a break.

In winter the Rigi becomes a small but lovely skiing and sledging area. But also hikers are most welcome in winter – about 35 kilometres of trails are being prepared and signposted for winter hiking offering an invitation to escape the fog covering the valleys.



The Muotatal is a wild-romantic valley with a flat valley plain, steep mountain faces, waterfalls and a torrential river. Nature, ethnic originality and ancient customs attract many visitors, because the “Hölloch” (cave system), the “Glattalp” (lake in a dell) and the “Bödmeren-Silberen” (virgin forest) are unique. The “Hölloch” is the second largest cave system in Europe. On the “Glattalp” especially cold temperatures can be measured because of its dell position (Swiss record: minus 52.5° C in 1991). The native forest “Bödmeren” in the Karst area “Silberen” is a wonderful phenomenon of nature. Visitors experience unspoiled nature and meet the original people of the Muotatal.